The United Phoenician Party
The United Phoenician Party offers a cure for the political disease and new step in the
right direction to the multiple religious, ethnical, sectarian, social factions that are
currently fighting in Lebanon.
The DNA and History of the modern Lebanese is a strong link to their ancestors, the
The United Phoenician Party beliefs centered on bringing back and developing the
Phoenician nationality of modern Lebanon. Lebanon is ethnically
(religiously,politically) divided, the idea of the Phoenician nation is a unique move
that rises above the sectarian civil society and unifies those people with a common
Rallying a large number of people around the Phoenician concept, transcending
nationalities, religions, and bringing peace to the troubled country and region.
Sphere of culture
Orientation into international culture, stimulation of Phoenician culture, traditions,
and establishment of national academy of Phoenician art and history bringing a course
of Phoenician language into programs at schools and universities.
Government finance for archaeological excavation and sending the best students to
foreign universities at government expenses.
Sphere of internal affairs
1-Priority for woman as the mother of human race
2-No death penalty for any human being
3-Separation of any religious influence from government
4-Revise a list of national holidays
5-Phoenician territories as a zone of open trade
6-Stimulation of investment for foreign countries(The system of privileges
for foreign companies)
7-Development of tourism industry
8-Cultural values belong to state property
9-Create system of privileges for young professionals in provision with jobs
10-Prohibition of any race and religious propaganda in the schools and universities
11-Prohibition of any political activities for terrorist parties and organisations as local
or international
12-Prohibition of any assault, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation activities
against men, women, and children.
12A-Legalise the civil marriage
Sphere of foreign affairs
1-Withdrawal of all foreign armed forces from the territory of the country
2-Recreation of official diplomatic equal relations with Syria, Israel and entire world
(formation of Embassies)
3-Planning an international territory in the capital for the world Embassies including
residencies, surrounded with defensive wall and security system.
4-Intensification of foreign trade with the world
5-Complete voting rights for Phoenicians in foreign countries through Embassies
6-Phoenician land the center of the world peace
7-Support for all existing political memberships to the world in addition to the
unrecognized ones
Sphere of defence affairs
1-Reinforcement of defence of frontiers
2-Creation of professional security police to protect against harassment, assault,
discrimination, retaliation, and crime
3-Creation of special forces and army to protect boarders,constitution, and
government4-Court system responsible for internal order with modern law and huge
support of civil right
5-No guns and weapons in the public daily space
6-Court system responsible for employment and unemployment laws
7-No obligation for military service
Sphere of environment protection affairs
1-the beach area for community use should increase and the local authorities are
responsible for taking care of it and the pollution in general
2-Creation of green areas (parks) with space for pedestrians, families and play
grounds for children
3-Limitation for pollution space by managing with strict control for industrial
territories and waste including yearly inspection for motor vehicles and recycling
4-Penalty law for disturbers  (violators) of environmental protection and natural
5-Limited distraction of natural landscape, historical territories and natural resources
6-Redesign the urban structure of the cities, towns and planning for new suburban
structure between cities and states
7-Prohibit hunting the wild life in the period of their breeding
Sphere of public welfare affairs
Creation of social insurance system, what would be the basic for financing public
transportation, unemployment benefits and disability pension
Sphere of religion
1-Every citizen has a right to confess and study any type of religion if it is not
propagating violence, terrorism, and brute force in the public space
2-Every way of confession shouldn't disturb the private life of nation and
neighbourhood communities
3-Any sound effects and procession disturbing the transportation and public space are
prohibited in special cases on daily basis, permit is needed from local authorities.

United Phoenician Party
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              ***UNITED PHOENICIAN PARTY***
01-No obligation for army service.
02-No death penalty for any human being.
03-Priority for woman as the mother of human race.
04-Withdrawal of all foreign armed forces from the territory of the country   
(Palestinian armed groups).
05-Prohibition of any political activities for radical terrorists parties and organizations
as local or international.
06-Voting rights for Phoenicians in foreign countries through Embassies.
07-Support for all existing political memberships to the world in addition to the      
unrecognized ones.
08-Phoenician land the center of the world peace.
09-Legalise the civil marriage.
10- No for honor and hate crimes
11-Reform in government administration system by using three official languages
French, English and Lebanese (ID and driving License).
12-Oil drilling immediately and the need to be more independent in energy by using
the natural energy resources.
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The United Phoenician Party aim a rebirth for an independent Phoenician Republic.
Phoenician language highly respected and used in the governmental cultural structure.
English, French, and Arabic as national languages.
State emblem and cultural capital Byblos within the state of Lebanon and Phoenician