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1200 BC History and Culture Article

The Ancient people of Lebanon

America : Did The Phoenicians Discover America?

America : Phoenicians Discovery Of America - More Evidence

A Brief History

Ancient Greek Civilizations

Ancient Phoenicia

Black Athena Debate.  Was wester civilization founded by ancient Phoenicians.

Ethnic Origin, Language and Literature of the Phoenicians


History and culture of the Canaanites and Phoenicians

History and Religion (Phoenicians developed commerce)

La Palma:

Lebanese contributions to the world

Lebanese Phoenicians, The

Lebanon’s History

Phoenician Alphabet

Phoenician Alphabet Family Tree

Phoenician and Greek colonies (Map)

Phoenicians and Philistines

Phoenician Archeology

Phoenician Art

Phoenician Beirut

Phoenician Christians

Phoenician Colonies

Phoenicia (Encyclopedia)

A Phoenician Fable

Phoenician island

A Phoenician Ship

Phoenician religion

Phoenician Women

Popes of Lebanese Phoenician origin

Semitic Languages (and the Phoenician language)

The Phoenicians (1200 B.C.)

The Phoenicians:

Trade - Phoenician
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Lebanese Cities
City profiles delve into the
history of early Phoenician
centers in the Levant, giving a
brief background on each
followed by sections on
archaeological finds, the city
today, and what to visit there.
Photographs illustrate each
Library of Congress Country
Study: Lebanon
Tour this exhaustive,
well-researched website
offering links to chapters on
Lebanese history (starting with
the Phoenicians), society,
economy, and government.
Sidon Excavation
Claude Doumet-Serhal's
research is part of the British
Museum's excavation in Sidon.
The excavation is also
sponsored by the British
Academy, Council for British
Research in the Levant,
private Lebanese institutions,
the Hariri Foundation, and
Byblos Bank. This website
introduces the dig along with
major points in Sidon's history.
Canaan and Ancient Israel
The University of
Pennsylvania's Museum of
Archaeology and Anthropology
has put together this
interesting website covering
the history of the Canaanites,
including the coastal
Phoenicians. Sections include
labor and crafts, trade, and

Biblical lands
by Moorey, P. R. S.

Kition, Mycenaean
and Phoenician
by Karageorghis,

Frühe Phöniker im
Libanon : 20 Jahre
Ausgrabungen in
Kamid el-Loz
books like this)  by
Hachmann, Rolf

Lebanon and
Texts Illustrating
Their Physical
Geography and
Native Industries
by Brown, John

L'épopée des
by Moscati,

I Fenici
by Moscati,

Il mondo dei fenici
by Moscati,

by Markoe, Glenn
One of the great
enigmas of the
ancient world, the
Phoenicians were both
lauded and despised in
antiquity. They were
celebrated as learned
scribes who passed on
the modern alphabet,
as skilled seafarers
and explorers, and as
gifted artisans and
engineers. Historical
sources show they
were also perceived as
profiteers and
cheaters, and...

The Phoenicians
by Harden, D. B.

The Phoenicians
by Massa, Aldo,
and Macrae, David

The Phoenicians
by Odijk, Pamela
Discusses the
civilization of the
Phoenicians, including
the hunting, medicine,
clothing, religion,
laws, legends, and

The Phoenicians
by Moscati,
Sabatino (Editor)
Traces the rise and
fall, art, customs,
trade, exploration,
and legacy of this
fascinating culture.
Phoenicia and
Thousand Years to
by Gregorian,
Vartan, and
Bullitt, Orville H.
More Books
Phoenicians and the West:
Politics, Colonies and Trade
by Aubet, Maria Eugenia
Between the eighth and sixth
centuries BC, the Phoenicians
established the first trading
system in the Mediterranean
basin, from their homeland, in
what is now Lebanon, to
colonies in Cyprus, Tunisia,
Sicily, Sardinia and southern
Spain. The Phoenician state was
able to maintain its
independence, despite the
territorial expansion of the

The Phoenicians : the Purple
Empire of the ancient world
by Herm, Gerhard

The Sea Traders
by Edey, Maitland A.

Spain at the Dawn of History:
Iberians, Phoenicians, and
Greeks (more books like this)
by Harrison, Richard J.

The world of the Phoenicians
by Moscati, Sabatino

By Standford Holst

Aubet, Maria Eugenia. The Phoenicians and the West: Politics, Colonies, and Trade.  2nd ed. Cambridge University
Press, 2001.

Edey, Maitland A. The Sea Traders. Time Inc., 1974.

Markoe, Glenn E. Peoples of the Past: Phoenicians. University of California Press, 2002.

Moscati, Sabatino, ed. The Phoenicians. I. B. Tauris, 2001.

Moscati, Sabatino. The World of the Phoenicians. Orion Books Ltd., 1999.  (Orig. by Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd.

Wells, Spencer. The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey. Princeton University Press,  2002.

"Off Israel, a Mystery Ship From 400 B.C." National Geographic (April 1993).

Matthews, Samuel W. "The Phoenicians, Sea Lords of Antiquity." National Geographic (August 1974), 149-89.

Abercrombie, Thomas J. "Young-old Lebanon Lives by Trade: The Land of Cedars, Phoenician Sea Cities, and
Crusader Castles Thrives Again as Middleman of the Mediterranean." National Geographic (April 1958), 479-523.

New clues from ancient bones and modern blood—scientists are searching for genetic connections between
contemporary Lebanese men and ancient Phoenicians. What other cultural mysteries would you like to see solved
through DNA studies?

Library of Congress Country Study: Lebanon
Tour this exhaustive, well-researched website offering links to chapters on Lebanese history (starting with the
Phoenicians), society, economy, and government.

This overtly patriotic Lebanese site offers readable sections on the history of Lebanon, Phoenicians, the Crusades,
Maronites, monuments, saints, Lebanese cuisine, and more.

Encyclopedia Phoeniciana
This site bills itself as "the largest web compilation and repository of studies about the origin, history, geography,
religion, arts, crafts, trade, industry, climate, mythology, language, literature, music, politics, wars, archaeology,
and culture of the Canaanite Phoenicians." The information here is a collection of views that provide juicy tidbits to
whet your interest in the Phoenicians.
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