Support for Lebanese Army and for cleaner political environment
Dear Friends,

Being a United Phoenician Party member is about more than politics. We’re a group of
Lebanese-Phoenicians dedicated to improving our country, both through the choices we
make at the ballot box and those we make at home.
That’s why we’re dedicating this year UPP reunion to a challenge we can all tackle
together: the fight for a cleaner political environment in Lebanon.
This year reunion won’t be your normal house party.  We’re going to be planting ideas,
securing our boarders, kicking off local groups programs.
Will you host an event in your neighborhood?
We’re also planting the seeds of something a lot bigger, the field organization we need
to take back the presidency, Parliament and secure the boarders in 2007-2008.

President Lahood, Michel Aoun, Nabih Berri , Nasrallah Hezbollah and all the terrorist
organizations stood in the way of progress on the Lebanese people desire for clean
independence from regional conflicts and ignored the Lebanese dream for peace.
They spent years supporting the evil regime’s of Syrian, Iranian and Alqaeda  influence
in the Lebanese life by opposing every change in bringing stability to the region including
the tribunal against their war crimes in Lebanon.
This influence against the Cedar Revolution is only benefit the enemies of Lebanon and
The United Phoenician Party believes we have a moral obligation to lead our country in a
new direction, for a safer, cleaner democracy and stronger national army.
Now it is up to each of us to do his part, despite overwhelming public revolution, president
Lahood, Parliament speaker Berri, Aoun(patriot movement) and Nassralah(Hezbollah) who
convicted of conspiracy and blind support for evil regimes’.
As yet another example of the sick attitude that defines them in Baabda, they shamelessly
put Syrian interest before the Lebanese value.
Lahood doesn’t care that Hezbollah was convicted by the Globe as terrorist and sentenced
by an experienced world judgement, and he doesn’t care that Hezbollah sentence was well
within the sentencing guidelines.
He once again ignored more than 70% of Lebanese public and disregarded the legal
process–this time to help someone who has friends or relatives in the right places.
We can’t stand for this, and that’s why we’re doing something to change it. We may not
be able to change the president’s decision, but we are fighting back – we’re working
day and night to take back Baabda Palace in 2007-2008 so that we can put an end to
just thing type of nonsense.
Last summer, Lebanon suffered because of Hezbollah and Aoun miscalculation and their
work plan for the destruction of Lebanon.
This summer, they kept the pressure with the support of their allies who were in the streets.  
Demonstration and planting assassinations bombs to destroy our political freedom, now they
are fighting Lebanese army and killing our soldiers.
Roll up your sleeves for cleaner Lebanon from terrorism and support government and
Lebanese Army.

Thank you for fighting back.

The United Phoenician Party

                             Paid for by the United Phoenician Party not authorized by any candidate or committee
                                                              E-mail: admin@unitedphoenicianparty.org
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