United Phoenician Party agenda to Lebanese government

Lets urge the Lebanese government immediately to close the Lebanese boarders
with Syria for the sake of our national security and economy.
This Boarder has brought nothing for people of Lebanon, but terrorist, arm
smugglers, drug traffickers, illegal products and workers.
The Lebanese today continues to suffer from the pressure on security and
economy because of the uncontrolled Syrian boarders including the Syrian
regime influence in our daily political life.
The only solution and first steps are a Syrian embassy in the Lebanese capital
Beirut and the airport for travel bridge between the countries, till the Syrian
Regime comply with the International boarder law between two different
neighboring nations.
The Lebanese government must move quickly to change the law and protect
our national security including the economy by providing cargo planes with
low fairs to transport our products without the need of the Syrian boarders
and the visa system to all Syrian nationals.
The Lebanese should benefit from the oil refineries in south and north of
Lebanon enables to create more jobs and help the oil price to become
affordable for the Mediterranean communities.
A new law must be established to protect our woman from being destroyed,
abused, and harassed without forgetting her major role in raising our new
A new law to protect our government politicians from being easy target for
assassination, we need law to allow an immediate replacement from a member
of his own party line in case of death or assassination without the new election
system and to allow our president to have a vice president, qualified to replace
the president in his absence.
These are the major changes in our society must be structured, enable to stand
stronger in the face of evil and terrorism.
Please make a secure online contribution of  $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, $500,
$1,000 to help spread the word about the United Phoenician Party agenda.
It is unconscionable that opposition leaders are hoping for our army to fail so
their parties can gain political advantage, and it is unacceptable that the leading
opposition, Aoun, Hezbollah, Amal movement all claim to support our troops in
their fight against the Lebanese enemy and terrorism yet voted against providing
them with the resources to sustain their mission and keep them safe.
Your urgent online help to UPP today will help get the facts about the opposition
true defeatist agenda and their efforts to put regional politics above the national
interest and security.
Our UPP is counting on your help.

Thank you,
The United Phoenician Party

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