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2011 Road map for the Cedar revolution and Lebanese Government

The political reality on ground today did not change much; the politicians are still in power from the regional and religious war era on the
front line of Lebanon, who was involved in the misleading and destruction of the Lebanese future and people.
The Lebanese people today deserve a change in politics and politicians who are from the post war era; enable to have a new prospective
policy serves the people economic need of Lebanon and meets the regional challenge of change.
The administration reform is must in urgent  need of French, English and Lebanese languages on the Id form, birth certificate, driving
license, voting ticket, land registration, home registration and other documents issued by the Government of Lebanon.
This reform will help many Lebanese of Multilanguage’s to enjoy equal rights in following and maintaining their rights like any other
A ban on religious political parties in allowing it to transfer from political to religious charities and forming a new political secular parties
to meet the interest of the secular state, the regional, and international change for a new future.
The Lebanese people deserve reform and change to help their political and economic growth in the region to become a model of success in
creating new ideas how to manage the real views to the future.
In modern days we have learned to identify people by their country's name and the passport they are holding. For example: you can't call
an Irish person British, because both speak English and lives on the same island, you can't call a Canadian an Australian or an American a
South African, because they speak the same language, it is unaccepted in the public, media or in politics or in nature.
You can't call the horse a donkey even they look similar. Why are the Lebanese-Phoenician very often labeled Arabs? Whether it is an
addiction to the Arab oil cash money or doing Arabism a favor by swallowing the ancient minorities of the Middle East, by using an anti-
Lebanese policy in world media, politics and public. It is nothing but a modern mistake discriminating the ancient people who are the
minorities in the region. The fact is that in modern days the Lebanese-Phoenicians enjoy two memberships: with the Francophone and the
Arab league for political and economic reasons, not by heritage, A Lebanese-Phoenician is obligated to learn all subjects in French:
Arabic history, geography, Arabic and English. Lebanese-Phoenician can't be hired in the government if they don’t speak French well and
English is recommended, even documents in English or French are accepted. Despite the fact that the Lebanese-Phoenicians enjoy many
sects, cultures and languages, for example: the Aramaic language is the Liturgical language for Christians, Armenians, and other minor
languages. You can hear them very often in the streets.  The point here is: how can we fix an international error in politics and media
enabling the public to have correct views and information? The DNA research by national geographic has played a strong role in the fight
for the original heritage of the Lebanese-Phoenician people of the east cost of the Mediterranean, from the land of the cedars. The
statistic population in the world shows that 23% speak English, 12% speak French, 6% speak Spanish, 45% speak Portuguese, 12% speak
Arabic, and 2% speak other languages. Almost 15 million Lebanese-Phoenicians live worldwide.
The result is that Lebanese-Phoenicians are also qualified for commonwealth membership based on their English language statistics and
are qualified for the European Union membership based on the ancient Phoenician legend of princess Europa. They accomplished much
for society for example: in medicine, in music, in politics, in culture, in art, and in science. Lebanese-Phoenicians have proven no other
identity but choose to carry on what their Phoenician ancestor did.
Support the Phoenician heritage and identity from the land of cedars Lebanon.

Thank you,

The United Phoenician Party