Today Lebanese government collaboration with Syrian dictatorship and armed
forces are moving Lebanon to economical and political crisis.
Syrian regime and Pro-Syrian government creates deep-rooted isolation for
Lebanese nation from international political scene, and putting an end to the
economical growth in the region.
It is the main reason why in last decade the country has lost investments and
investors, washing away tourism and increasing the immigration of young
professionals from the country who have more chances to use their skills and
talents in foreign countries with better social structure and human rights. New
technologies and modern communication systems are not priorities in
governmental economical plan. This shows political shortsighted policy of the
government or politically conscious attempt to pull country back from economical
and political reforms.
Lebanese nation neglected by its own government suffers continuing absent of
social guarantees, reforms in health care, education and Law, what deeply
divides community into poor and rich, creates corruption and atmosphere of
Instead of creating friendly relations with neighboring countries Lebanese
government classifies them into friends and enemies by tolerating one religion
and limiting the others already creates tension and enmity in the nation damaging
the economy and the future of the young generations.
Such government is allowing violent, armed terrorist groups to act against its own
people by covering foreign terrorist groups crimes in Lebanon.
This is not democracy and such government does not represent the nation of
history with democratic tradition on the east cost of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thousands years ago ancestors of Lebanese people on the coast of
Mediterranean sea showed an example how democracy and peace brings
prosperity into human’s life. Phoenicians were talented traders and creators of
region’s new towns and successful economical structure, based on good will and
tolerance to other nation’s cultural and religious differences.
The spirit of Phoenician nation is still alive today. Lebanese people are capable
to create and protect democracy in their country. Occupying power and countries
collaborative authority are only two reasons, why prosperity and optimistic future
in Lebanon are delayed.
Everybody, who cares about this historical Phoenician land join United
Phoenician Party and start being active demanding Lebanese government to
resign and occupying power to leave Lebanon. New elections to Parliament and
President, after withdrawal of Syrian army will begin new era for this modern
Phoenician country.

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