We believe that all Lebanese-Phoenicians deserve to vote for their own freedom
from any location around the world.

It is the time for everyone:

1-For all Lebanese army members to vote
2-For all Lebanese government employees to vote
3-For all Lebanese immigrants and students overseas to vote
4-For all Lebanese citizens to vote for a new elected country president
Lebanese-Phoenicians democracy requires fair, accurate and equal rights
Will you join us calling for action to change?
Will you sign up to become supporter, so that we can demonstrate that the
Lebanese people won't sit still for inaction on legislation so unique to our freedom?
Your Name:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Phone Number:
Please forward this e-mail to your friends, and ask them to join us. Together, we
will restore the credibility of Lebanese democracy, vote for our country future.
We thank you for all you have done to build a coalition against the Syrian
invasion and terrorist organizations in Lebanon.
Now, as we say good bye to the Syrian Dictatorship, pro-Syrian government and
terrorist organizations.
We look forward to working with the real Lebanese representative of freedom.
Let's make sure that our hard work counts on the future.

God bless the Land of the Cedars
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