Rescue plan for Palestinian refuges in Lebanon

The United Phoenician Party proposes an immediate plan, calling on all wealthiest Arab
countries to act quickly to rescue the Palestinian refuge’s population growth in Lebanon
and help their need for  workman power 

Appeal to the United Nation and Arab States League:

To secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-Moo

To secretary-General of the Arab States League Mr. Amr Moussa

Lebanon and Lebanese population faces a huge growing crisis as well as the Palestinians
and Iraqi’s refuges in Lebanon which is a real challenge that requires immediate change
in middle east policy. The United Phoenician Party Submitted a request to act upon the
big things and not the small things, and we write to you today about one big issue in
particular within the Lebanese fast-growing population in a very small country. The
future of the peace in the region is in the hands of your decision for the people of the
The Palestinian refuge population in Lebanon has the worst case social-economic
situation in UNRWA’s five areas of operations with the highest percentage of special
hardship areas (SHCS). Palestinian groups and several terrorist armed factions operate
in the Palestinian camps.
This condition will increase a very high risk of international terrorism to find a good
location for investment, which will threaten peace in the region and abroad.
The Lebanese government is not allowed to enter or control security of the camps and
even if it will be allowed huge destruction and number of casualties will take place.

The plan For change and rescue
Requires a call on all wealthiest Arab countries who enjoy good economical growth to
adopt between 150 and 250 Palestinian families, where they can be given a chance to
work hard, stay away from arms and terrorism with safer tools of the well-developed
Arab countries, to support health care, education, and employment including a better
future for their kids and their cause.
This program will spread the poorest Palestinian refuges among the Arab nations. At the
same time there will be a huge relief package for the Lebanese economy and national
security including regional peace, as well as workman power for growing economies. This
project is a stimulus plan for a pending problem in the region for many years and a
growing problem with its population.

Respectfully submitted

The United Phoenician Party


Appeal to the United Nations of Human
Rights Commission

To the Attention of the Secretary General
Of the United Nations,
Mr. Kofi Annan
Under the Office of the High Commissioner
For Human Rights.

The United Phoenician Party Appeal to the Human Rights Commission of the United
Nations (UN) to investigate and give a conclusion about the situation of Human Rights
in Lebanon, where citizens are facing prosecution and jail for expressing their political
views and communication with their friends from neighboring countries like Israel.

All Lebanese citizens permanently or temporary residing in foreign countries are
prohibited to participate in general elections through embassies. Governmental
employees, Lebanese Army, and Lebanese diplomats are prohibited also.

This is a political way to dehumanize freedom of Lebanese people and it is a Pro-Syrian
government with the Syrian Regime attempt to eliminate big number of citizens from
polling districts.

Any Lebanese holding the citizenship should be eligible to choose political future of the
country and to vote from any location of the world.

We believe freedom is to have an express opinion by participating in your own country
political life as a solid part of human rights in democracy.

Lebanese government shall use embassies not for purpose to limit citizen’s access to
democratic process but to serve them as a governmental institution to exercise their
equal political rights.

United Phoenician party