There are two important moments on the road to the free and independent Lebanon:

1) Stopping all actions of interference from neighboring countries.
2) All possible political support from world political and financial organizations after lawful government is elected.

Requirements to political movements willing to participate in elections for Lebanese Parliament should be the following:

a) To prove that it doesn’t represent any political interest of foreign country.
b) The program and ideas serve to the all people of Lebanon, but not to separate religious or ethnic groups.
c) Any person or any member of political movement or party should be a Lebanese citizen and before going to election should face a background check and should provide all necessary evidence about non participation in any war or domestic crimes.

Peaceful pre-election period, when political movements or individuals proclaim their political
views is a guarantee and very important part of successful and democratic election.
This is why it’s very important that all political parties would give up their ammunition and
guns to the existing government for creating constructive dialog and democratic environment
between different political opinions.


After a country steps in the road leading to the democracy a newly formed government should establish an Institute Of Foreign Affairs for reorganization of foreign policies including reorganization of Embassies, integration of a huge world Lebanese community into country’s life Establishing three major Embassies for Syria, Israel and Palestine in Lebanon as the beginning of legal political bridge would create conditions for peace with neighbors. Negotiations with international community, financial institutions of neighboring countries and creating timetable for Palestinian refugees to return to their land would help to create stability in all Middle East regions. There is a necessity in creating of strong National Lebanese Army-only one military power in the country for protection borders, air and order of Law within the country. New government should start immediately negotiations with Arab countries and European Union about low percentage loans and partnership. During the last decades, a good image of Lebanon was destroyed. Economical situation of the country and official statements from different countries of the world describe Lebanon as a dangerous place to invest, travel and live in. All the foreign states interest in financing terrorism and who brought country to this point, should be responsible for compensation to Lebanese people. New government should start freezing all terrorist financial accounts in Lebanese banks and